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All of our programs enable your child to learn in a caring, inviting, and nurturing environment.  We believe in fostering a child’s self-esteem, supporting self confidence, encouraging exploration, and positive reinforcement along the way.  

2 Day Am Program T/Th 8:30-12 (ages 2. 9-3).

Our two day program for children 2.9 years and young 3’s focuses on social and emotional development and skills.  Children are introduced to early literacy skills appropriate for their age, as well as interractive participation in storytelling, art, music, and stimulating activities. 

 3 Day Am Program M/W/F          8:30-12 (ages 3&4)

Our three day program for children 4 years of age offers pre-reading and math skills, as well as increased development of socialization skills.  Children in this learning cohort learn in an age appropriate setting and are prepared to begin Kindergarten the following year with all of the necessary skills to ensure their success.  

 4 Day Pm Pre-k Program T-F 12:30-3:30 (ages 4&5)

The Rainbow Preschool offers a four day afternoon program, held Tuesday through Friday.  This program is recommended for 4-5 year old children.  Emphasis on reading and mathematics are found in this program, socialization, independent problem solving, and development of daily self-help skills helps to foster independent behavior of the child. 

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