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Your Child Is in Great Hands

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      I would like to take this opportunity to offer my assistance with you and your child. Finding a quality preschool program can be a challenging endeavor and I am committed to helping you match the needs of your child to the best possible program available. Although the Rainbow Preschool is not the only preschool option in the Sagamore Beach area, our teachers, our students, and our families believe we are the best.  Best in quality, best with matching quality educators with exceptional, creative young children. I encourage every parent to visit a variety of programs, observe the teaching staff, watch interactions, and talk to other parents. As a high quality, intimate, hands-on program, our families become our most valuable asset. Parent references are welcome and encouraged. Just ask.  We welcome you and your child's visit to gain a personal and intimate experience of our daily curriculum and to provide a basis of comparison with other opportunities that you have. On behalf of the entire Rainbow Preschool Community we strive to make a difference to you and your child.  I look forward to your family becoming part of ours at Rainbow Preschool.  

Health & Safety



In case of a natural disaster or situation (chemical spills, bomb threats, etc.) necessitating

evacuation of The Rainbow Preschool, the children will follow the emergency plan for

evacuation, as stated in our Health Care Policy. If necessary, parents will be notified to

pick up their children ASAP or within one hour. At any time it is necessary to leave the


the staff will take with them the attendance book which contains all emergency

contact numbers for the children.

The Rainbow Preschool's contingency plan is to walk the children up to the Swift

Memorial Methodist Church Activity center located at 82 Old Plymouth Road, where the

children and staff will stay until they can go safely back to The Rainbow Preschool as

stated by the authorities (police, fire, etc.) The parents will be notified that the children

are at the activity center. They will be advised to pick them up ASAP.

In case of the loss of power, heat, or water, school will be cancelled and parents will be

notified to come get their children ASAP (within 1 hour). This Plan can be found in the

Parent Handbook and all parents are made aware of the evacuation contingency plan

upon their child's admission to school.

Plan for evacuation of school in an emergency:

Daily attendance records of the children are maintained in the following ways:

each classroom teacher is responsible for taking daily attendance: and parents must sign

their child into school upon arrival as well as sign them out when they pick them up.

Attendance lists kept by the teachers in their enrollment /plan book will include

emergency contact numbers for each child. This will be carried out with the director in

the case of an evacuation.

In the event of an evacuation, the teacher will lead the children out of the school

and away from the property. The plan is to walk the children up to the Swift Memorial

Church Activity Center, where they will stay until it is safe to return to The Rainbow

Preschool as stated by the authorities (fire, police). If it is deemed unsafe to return, the

parents will be notified that the children are at the activity center and they are to pick

them up there ASAP. The director will be the last one out of the building and do a search

of the building to be sure that all children got out of the building safely. Attendance will

be taken once the children are safely away from the school.

In the case of the loss of power or heat, the parents will be notified to come and pick up

their children as soon as possible (recommend within one hour).

Throughout the school year, the staff and the children will practice leaving the building

and go to the parking lot (end closest to the Hoxie School) and taking attendance there.

This will be done and recorded at least every other month. The record of these drills will

be kept by the director in a binder labeled FIRE/EVACUATION DRILLS



It's up to each of us

to keep our community safe & healthy

We are doing everything we can to minimize health risks

This includes wearing masks; cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing; encouraging physical distancing

Help us minimize risk by keeping your child

home if they show any signs of illness

Keeping sick children home helps us stay open for other children and so your child can return as soon as he or she is healthy Please keep your child home if they are showing any of the following symptoms: * Fever of 100.0° F or higher Flushed cheeks * Headache * CoughSore Throat * New loss of smell/taste * Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting) * Fatigue (Fatigue alone should not exclude a child from participation) *New muscle aches » Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity) * Sore Throat * Any other sign of illness or if your child has been in close, prolonged contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.


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