I would like to take this opportunity to offer my assistance with you and your child. Finding a quality preschool program can be a challenging endeavor and I am committed to helping you match the needs of your son or daughter to the best posssible program available.  


Although the Rainbow Preschool is not the only preschool option in the Sagmore Beach area, our teachers, our students, and our families believe we are the best.  Best in quality, best with matching quality educators with exceptional, creative young children.     


I encourage every parent to visit a variety of programs, observe the teaching staff, watch interractions, and talk to other parents. As a high quality, intimate, hands-on program, our families become our most valuable asset.  


Parent references are welcome and encouraged. Just ask.  We welcome you and your child's visit to gain a personal and intimate experience of our daily curriculum and to provide a basis of comparison with other opportunities that you have.  


On behalf of the entire Rainbow Preschool Community we strive to make a difference to you and your child.  I look forward to your family becoming part of ours at Rainbow Preschool.  



Erin McCarthy
Program Administrator